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Type Machine Gun
Place of origin  Nazi Germany
Production history
Designed 1938
Cartridge 7.92×57mm
Caliber 7.92
Action Blowback

The Zf.Ger.38 is a machine gun of German origin. The weapon is a blank firing training weapon also used for static defence.[1] When the Allies examined the weapons discovered in the German Reich after World War II, they came across a device which was classified as a “spring gun” or “trip wire activated static defense machine gun”. It was a practice device with the name “Zielfeuergerät 38″.


The Zf.Ger.38 is a blowback operated magazine fed training weapon, using 7.92×57mm wooden bullet blanks. The simple construction was sturdily implemented, and reduced to the most necessary functioning parts. The device functions as a blowback operated weapon with unlocked bolt in full automatic mode only.


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