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Star Z84
Type Machine pistol
Place of origin  Spain
Service history
In service 1985-?
Used by See Users
Production history
Designer Star Bonifacio Echeverria, S.A.
Designed 1985
Produced 1985-?
Specifications (Star Z84)
Weight 3 kg
Length 610 mm stock extended
410 mm stock retracted
Barrel length 215 mm

Cartridge 9x19 mm
Action Blowback with telescopic bolt
Muzzle velocity 1,312 ft/sec
Effective range 50-100 m effective
Feed system 30 round magazine
Sights Iron sights
aftermarket reflex sights[1]

The Z84 is a Spanish machine pistol created by the Star Bonifacio Echeverria of Spain. It is an automatic pistol firing a 9x19 mm parabellum round. Its operating mechanism consists of a blowback system with a telescoping bolt, this helps keep the dimensions short making it more compact. This makes it a favourite of Spanish security personnel

Rather similar in appearance to many other machine pistols of the time, it has a metal stock that can be folded on top of the weapon as well as a safety switch on the trigger. It was later configured to fire a wide variety of ammunition types, and thanks to the 600 rpm rate of fire, it is more manageable than other similar machine pistols. The Ingram MAC-10's rate of fire for example is 1,100 rpm.



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