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Lt.Col.(R) Younus Changezi (Urdu language: ﻳﻮﻧﺲ ﭼﻨﮝﻴﺰﻯ ‎ ) (born 4 November 1944) is a politician from Baluchistan, Pakistan and one of the best football players of the country. He belongs to the minority Hazara community.


Younus Changezi acquired his high school education from Cadet College Petaro,[1] where he studied from 1966–1968 and completed his Intermediate. While in school, he was given the nickname of "Tarzan" and has been known by this name all along.


Changezi was one of the finest footballers in the country. While he was still at Cadet College Petaro, he was chosen to be a part of the Pakistan national football team.

In later years, he remained the coach of the national football team.

Military career

After high school, Changezi joined the Pakistan Army from where he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.[2] He served the army for nearly 25 years.

Political career

Changezi won the provincial elections in 2002 as an independent candidate, and became a Member of the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan. Upon his victory, he decided to join the pro-Pervez Musharraf Pakistan Muslim League (Q). As a member of the government, he was appointed the Provincial Minister for Environment, Forests, and Sports. He remained in this position until 2007.

Changezi lost his seat in the Provincial Assembly of Balochistan during the 2008 elections due to the tide against the pro-Pervez Musharraf political parties.

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