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Yorkshire Regiment Medal
Service ribbon of the medal
Awarded by Yorkshire Regiment
Type Commemorative military medal
Eligibility Members of the Yorkshire Regiment, and civilians
Awarded for Contribution to the Yorkshire Regiment

The Yorkshire Regiment Medal is an annual, regiment wide, commemorative medal presented to an individual from the British Army's Yorkshire Regiment who has been considered to have made the greatest contribution to the aims of the Regiment over the course of the previous year.


The Yorkshire Regiment Medal is circular in shape.[1]

  • Obverse: the badge of the Yorkshire Regiment with the inscription THE YORKSHIRE REGIMENT.
  • Ribbon: a broad central red stripe, flanked each side by a stripe of black, with an outer stripe of khaki green, the regimental colours.

Notable recipients

Notable recipients include Captain Tom Moore, awarded the medal on the occasion of his 100th Birthday, for his "outstanding contribution to our military effectiveness and military reputation".[1][2]


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