Yokohama Maru (1912)

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Yokohama Maru (1912)
Name: Yokohama Maru
Owner: Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha (1912-??)
Imperial Japanese Army (??-1942)
Builder: Mitsubishi Dockyard & Engine Works, Nagaski
Fate: Sunk by United States Navy planes
Status: Shipwreck
General characteristics
Displacement: 6,143 gross ton
Length: 406 feet (124 m)[1]
Beam: 49 feet (15 m)
Draught: 27 feet (8 m)

The Yokohama Maru was a 6143 gross ton passenger and cargo vessel built by Mitsubishi Dockyard & Engine Works, Nagaski for Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha and launched in 1912. The ship was used on the Guam to Japan route. She was requisitioned by the Imperial Japanese Army and fitted out as a troop transport.

On 10 March 1942, while being unloaded off Salamaua, Yokohama Maru was attacked as part of the invasion fleet at Lae and Salamaua and was sunk at 7-01S, 147-07E.[2]


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