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Rating Badge YN
Rating insignia
Issued by: United States Navy
Type Enlisted rating
Abbreviation YN
Specialty Administration

Yeoman is the oldest rating in the United States Navy. Yeomen perform administrative and clerical work. They deal with protocol, naval instructions, enlisted evaluations, officer FitReps, visitors, telephone calls and mail. They organize files and operate office equipment and order and distribute supplies. They write and type business and social letters, notices, directives, forms and reports.[1]


'A' School is held in NTTC Meridian, MS (averages 46 calendar days to complete) 'C' school - flag officer writer (NEC YN-2514) is also in Meridian, MS (a 5-week course)

A yeoman flag writer serves on the personal staffs of flag and general officers and certain other senior officers. Must be able to function independently and carry out required duties. Must be able to draft personal and professional correspondence, act on matters of social usage, protocol, honors and ceremonies, prepare and liquidate travel orders, and prepare officer reports of fitness. Individuals serve in a highly visible position and must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Additionally, members will be required to satisfactorily meet any additional requirements of the flag officer. A rating must be an E6-E9 to be eligible for flag writer school.

Submarine Yeoman (YNSS)[]

Yeoman, Submarines (YNSS) receive extensive training in administrative support as regular YN’s; they are additionally responsible in keeping the ship's daily schedule, receiving visitors, ordering and distributing supplies. Submarine Yeomen are assigned to either a Fast Attack or Ballistic Missile submarine for their initial sea tour. They are usually assigned duties in an office environment. People in this rating may work alone with little supervision, or work closely with others under close supervision depending on the assignment. They do mostly administrative work. A School (Job School) Information
Groton, CT — 4 weeks (Basic Enlisted Submarine School)

Rate structure[]

  1. YNSR: yeoman seaman recruit (E-1)
  2. YNSA: yeoman seaman apprentice (E-2)
  3. YNSN: yeoman seaman (E-3) (See USN Apprenticeships)
  4. YN3: yeoman third class (E-4)
  5. YN2: yeoman second class (E-5)
  6. YN1: yeoman first class (E-6)
  7. YNC: chief yeoman (E-7)
  8. YNCS: senior chief yeoman (E-8)
  9. YNCM: master chief yeoman (E-9)

Ships named in honor of a yeoman[]

Reference: Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships

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