Yemişçi Hasan Pasha

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Damad Yemişçi (Albanian: Jemishxhi - u) Hasan Pasha, born in Rogovë / Rogovo in 1535, executed by Sultan Mehmet III in 1603.

Hasan, a native Turk who spent his childhood in Rogovo, then went to Prizren, where he finished primary school. He pursued his education at the military academy in Istanbul. After a military career, Hasan was Grand Vizier of the Ottoman Empire from 1602 to 1603. He married on 5 April 1602 with Ayshe Sultan a daughter of Murad III. Hi's son was Sultanzade Mehmed Pasha.



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Preceded by
Damat Ibrahim Pasha
Grand Vizier
22 July 1601- 4 October 1603
Succeeded by
Yavuz Ali Pasha

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