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Yang Kuiyi
Born 1885
Died 1946
Place of birth Hubei Province, Qing Dynasty
Place of death Nanjing, Republic of China
Allegiance  Qing Dynasty
Republic of China (1912–1949) Republic of China
Flag of the Republic of China-Nanjing (Peace, Anti-Communism, National Construction).svg Nanjing Nationalist Government
Service/branch New Army
National Revolutionary Army
Years of service 1903–45
Rank General
Battles/wars Second Sino-Japanese War

Yang Kuiyi (Chinese: 杨揆一; pinyin: Yáng Kuíyī; Wade–Giles: Yang K'ui-yi, 1885 – 1946) was a Chinese general of the Second Sino-Japanese War who became a high-ranking military official of the Nanjing Nationalist Government, a regime established by Imperial Japan.


Yang Kuiyi was born in the Hubei Province during the reign of the Guangxu Emperor and joined the local New Army in 1903.[1] In 1912, he studied at the infantry department of the Imperial Japanese Army Academy. Upon his return to Republic of China he held various administrative positions in his native Hubei Province since the early 1930s and also rose through the ranks of the National Revolutionary Army. In 1939, he defected to the side of Wang Jingwei and joined his new pro-Japanese regime, proclaimed in Nanjing. When the Reorganized National Government was formally inaugurated in 1940, he was made Chief of General Staff and a member of several government committees. In 1942, he was made governor of the Hubei province, with the provincial government being reorganized in 1943. In 1945, Yang was appointed to head the Central Military Commission, a post that he held for the rest of the war. He was executed in 1946.




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Military offices
Preceded by
Position established
Chief of General Staff
March 1940 – June 1942
Succeeded by
Ye Peng
(as Chief of Army Staff)
Political offices
Preceded by
Position established
Governor of Hubei Province
June 1942 – March 1945
Succeeded by
Ye Peng
Preceded by
Xiao Shuxuan
Chairman of the Central Military Commission
March 1945 – August 1945
Succeeded by
Position abolished

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