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The Italian XX Motorised Corps was an armoured formation of the Italian army. The Corps took part in the Western Desert Campaign in World War II from summer 1941 to 1943. It was also referred to as Mobile Armoured Corps (Corpo D'Armata di Manovra).

Western Desert 1940-1943

Order of Battle El Alamein

  • Commander Lieutenant General Giuseppe de Stefanis
    • 8th Army Artillery Group (part)
    • 90th Engineer Company
  • 132nd Armoured Division Ariete, Major General Francesco Arena
    • Cavalry Squadron Nizza Cavalleria
    • 132nd Armoured Regiment
    • 8th Bersaglieri Regiment (motorised)
    • 132nd Artillery Regiment (motorised)
    • 32nd Mixed Engineer Battalion (motorised)
  • 133rd Armoured Division Littorio, Major General Gervasio Bitossi
    • III Cavalry Squadron Lancieri di Novara
    • 133rd Armoured Regiment
    • 12th Bersaglieri Infantry Regiment
    • 3rd Artillery Regiment
    • 133rd Artillery Regiment (part)
  • 101st Motorised Division Trieste, Brigadier General Francisco La Ferla
    • 8th Armoured Bersaglieri Battalion
    • 11th Tank Battalion
    • 65th Infantry Regiment
    • 66th Infantry Regiment
    • 21st Artillery Regiment
    • 52nd Mixed Artillery Battalion

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