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XXXV Airborne Corps
Active Operation Pastel
Country United States United States of America
Branch United States Army
Type Army Corps
Role Diversion phantom formation
U.S. Corps (1939 - Present)
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XXXIII Corps (United States) XXXVII Corps (United States)

The XXXV Airborne Corps of the United States Army (35th Corps) was a 'Phantom Unit' - a military deception created in late 1945. It formed part of Pastel Two, the deception plan for Operation Olympic, but never formally used due to the Japanese surrender that ended World War II [1]

The final version of the Operation Pastel deception plan incorporated notional airborne landings, using dummy parachutists similar to those used on D-Day, in the interior of Kyūshū the day before the actual landings were to take place.[2][3] The two-division fictional corps that was to carry out the landings was designated XXXV Airborne Corps.[2][3]

Had Operation Pastel been carried out, the first elements of the XXXV Airborne Corps, quartering parties of the 18th Airborne Division, would have been depicted reaching Okinawa on August 15, 1945.[4] Following this glider pilots were to have been depicted as reaching Okinawa around August 20, 1945, followed by the troops of the 11th (A real division actually located in the Philippines.) and 18th (Notional) Airborne Divisions, starting to arrive in Okinawa on September 1, 1945. On the same day the notional corps headquarters would have been activated.[1][3]


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