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XVII Reserve Corps
XVII. Reserve-Korps
Stab eines Generalkommandos.svg
Flag of the Staff of a Generalkommando (1871–1918)
Active October 1914 - 17 September 1917
Country  German Empire
Type Corps
Engagements World War I

The XVII Reserve Corps / XVII RK (German language: XVII. Reserve-Korps) was a corps level command of the German Army in World War I.


The Corps was formed in October 1914 as the temporary Corps Zastrow[1] named for its commander General der Infanterie Ernst von Zastrow,[2] military governor of Graudenz. On 21 July 1915 it was established as XVII Reserve Corps. The Corps was dissolved on 17 September 1917.[3]


Corps Zastrow / XVII Reserve Corps had the following commanders during its existence:[4][5]

From Rank Name
12 September 1914 General der Infanterie Ernst von Zastrow
25 September 1915 Generalleutnant Karl Suren
3 September 1916 General der Infanterie Reinhard Freiherr von Scheffer-Boyadel

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