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Wolmar Anton von Schlippenbach (1653–1721) was Governor General of Swedish Estonia from 1704 to 1706. His armorial epitaph says: "Ihro Kaijsserliche Maijestat Wolbestalter gesamter Krieges Rath und General Lieutenant Von der Infanterie hochwolgebohrner H: Baron Wolmar Anton von Schlippenbach Erb herr auff Bornhausen Perende und Urbs. Ist Anno 1653 D 23 Febr... In diese Welt gebohren und Anno 1721 27 martij in den Herren Sehlich ent. ...ffcn seines alters 68 Jahr 1 Monat".


Born in Livonia, Schlippenbach participated as a captain in the Swedish army Scanian War under Charles XI and served later as a major in Swedish Pomerania and Prussia. In 1688 he was promoted to lieutenant colonel in governor Soop's regiment in Riga; in 1693 he was transferred to young prince Charles's life regiment in Stockholm.

When the Great Northern War broke out after the prince was crowned as Charles XII, Schlippenbach raised a regiment of dragoons in Livonia, of which he became the colonel. When Charles broke winter camp at Dorpat (present-day Tartu) and headed towards Riga in early 1701, Schlippenbach was left behind to defend the Livonian border. He won the battle of Rauge on 5 September 1701 and was subsequently promoted to major general, but was then defeated by a large Russian force under Boris Sheremetev at Erastfer on 30 December the same year and at Sagnitz and Hummelshof on 19 July 1702. In 1703 he had to transfer a good part of his forces to reinforce Lewenhaupt's in Kurland. This left him powerless to prevent Narva and Dorpat from falling into Russian hands in 1704, the same year he was named Governor General in Reval (present-day Tallinn).

When Lewenhaupt marched into Russia in 1708, Schlippenbach followed as colonel of his dragoon regiment. At the battle of Poltava he led a reconnaissance cavalry squad on the right wing and was captured. He was released from the Russian captivity in 1712, began serving Russia in the rank of general-major in 1712, was promoted to the rank of general-lieutenat in 1714 and died in 1721.


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Preceded by
Axel Julius De la Gardie
Governor General of Swedish Estonia
1704 - 1706
Succeeded by
Niels Jonsson Stromberg af Clastorp

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