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Wolf was a wolf pack of German U-boats that operated from 13 July to 1 August 1942, attacking Convoy ON 113 in the Battle of the Atlantic during World War II. They sank two ships sunk totalling 12,078 gross register tons (GRT) and damaged another (8,093 GRT).[1]

U-Boats & Commanders

The wolfpack comprised 11 U-boats, namely

U-Boat Commander From To Notes
U-43 Hans-Joachim Schwantke 13 Jul 1942 30 Jul 1942
U-71 Hardo Rodler von Roithberg 13 Jul 1942 30 Jul 1942
U-86 Walter Schug 13 Jul 1942 31 Jul 1942
U-90 Hans-Jürgen Oldörp 13 Jul 1942 24 Jul 1942 Depth-charged and sunk by Canadian destroyer HMCS St. Croix (I81)
U-379 Paul-Hugo Kettner 13 Jul 1942 1 Aug 1942
U-454 Burckhard Hackländer 13 Jul 1942 30 Jul 1942
U-461 Wolf-Harro Stiebler 26 Jul 1942 1 Aug 1942
U-552 Erich Topp 13 Jul 1942 30 Jul 1942
U-597 Eberhard Bopst 13 Jul 1942 30 Jul 1942
U-607 Ernst Mengersen 25 Jul 1942 30 Jul 1942
U-704 Horst Wilhelm Kessler 13 Jul 1942 31 Jul 1942

Ships hit by this wolfpack

British Merit

The 8,093 ton British tanker British Merit was hit at 03:52 hours on 25 July, by a torpedo (one of two) fired by U-552. One man was killed by the explosion and another seriously injured. Two lifeboats with 32 men aboard were launched, and were picked up by HMCS Brandon, while the Master and 21 men remained aboard. The tug HMS Frisky (W11) took her into St. Johns, arriving on 2 August.[2]


U-552 struck again at 04:09 hours on 25 July, hitting the 5,136 ton British merchant ship Broompark. The ship was taken in tow by the tug USS Cherokee, but sank on 28 July about 50 nautical miles (93 km) SW of St. Johns. The Master and three men were lost, while 38 men and 7 gunners were picked up by HMCS Brandon.[3]

Empire Rainbow

At 07.57 hours on 26 July the 6,942 ton British merchant ship Empire Rainbow was hit and damaged by a torpedo fired by U-607 about 300 nautical miles (560 km) E of Cape Race. Later, at 08.11, the ship was hit again, this time by a torpedo fired by U-704, which sank her. The entire crew; Master, 38 men and 8 gunners were picked up by HMS Burnham and HMCS Dauphin.[4]


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