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Endrass was a "wolfpack" of German U-boats that operated from 12 to 17 June 1942 in attacking Convoy HG 84 that comprised 23 Allied ships. The group was named after the U-boat commander Engelbert Endrass, who had been killed in action in December 1941.[1]

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Ships hit by this Wolfpack

Five ships of Convoy HG 84, assembled at Gibraltar for passage to Liverpool, were sunk, all by the U-boat U-552 in the early hours of 15 June.

Etrib, Pelayo & Slemdal

The first attack came at 00:59, about 700 kilometres (380 nmi) west of Corunna, Spain, when U-552 fired torpedoes at the convoy and hit and sank the 1,943 ton British merchant ship Etrib,[2] the 1,346 ton British merchant ship Pelayo,[3] and the 7,374 ton Norwegian tanker Slemdal.[4]

City of Oxford and Thurso

U-552 struck again at 04:34, firing three torpedoes at the convoy. Two British merchant ships, the 2,759 ton City of Oxford[5] and the 2,436 ton Thurso[6] were hit and sunk.



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