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Wolf pack Seewolf
Active 12–23 April 1945
Country Nazi Germany Germany
Branch Kriegsmarine
Size Seven submarines
Engagements Operation Teardrop
Actions of 5/6 May 1945

Seewolf was a wolf pack of German U-boats that operated during the Battle of the Atlantic in World War II.

Service history

Seewolf was formed in March 1945 in an effort to re-establish the U-boat offensive in American waters; it was the last wolfpack of the Atlantic campaign. 7 of the 9 boats that sailed to Americas were in Seewolf; another 2 sailed independently.

Coincidentally, Allied Intelligence formed the view that the Germans were planning to mount a missile attack on the United States, using V-1 or V-2 missiles adapted for launch at sea by submarines. This led to a vigorous response by the United States Navy, code-named Operation Teardrop, to find and destroy the Seewolf boats. This was successful; Of the 5 boats in American waters by April ( 2 boats had returned to base for repairs, and were still in transit at the end of April) 4 boats were sunk during the month:

Seewolf boats had one success; U-546 sank USS Frederick C. Davis, shortly before she herself was sunk.

The fifth boat U-881 was detected and destroyed on 6 May 1945, the last boat in American waters to be destroyed. The 2 boats in transit when Germany surrendered were given up to the USN on 8 May 1945.

U-boats involved


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