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The Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser system is a US tail kit for use with the TMD (Tactical Munitions Dispenser) family of cluster bombs to convert them to precision-guided weapons. In 1997 the United States Air Force issued contracts to complete development and begin production of the WCMD, planning to modify 40,000 tactical munitions dispensers at a cost of US$8,937 per unit.[1] The CBU-97 Sensor Fuzed Weapon when fitted with the WCMD is known as the CBU-105; this anti-armor weapon was deployed but not used during Operation Allied Force in the Kosovo War, and fired in combat during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.



  • Guidance: INS updated with GPS data from launch platform before release.[2]
  • Range: 16 km (9.9 mi).
  • Accuracy: 26 m (85 ft) CEP.


  • Guidance: INS combined with integral GPS.
  • Range: Wing kit extends range to 40–65 km (30–40 miles).
  • Accuracy: 26 m (85 ft) CEP.

The WCMD-ER program was cancelled in August 2006 due to poor test results and budgetary pressures.[3]

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