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The following Confederate States Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Wilson's Creek of the American Civil War, fought on August 10, 1861 near Springfield, Missouri. Though identified with the Confederates, the Missouri State Guard were technically an independent army, as Missouri had not yet seceded, and were not folded into the Confederate Army of the West until March 17, 1862.

The Union order of battle is shown separately.

Abbreviations used[]

Military rank[]


  • k = killed
  • w = wounded

Confederate Forces at Wilson’s Creek[]

BG Benjamin McCulloch

Western Army[]

BG Benjamin McCulloch

Brigade Regiments and Others
McCulloch’s Brigade

   BG Benjamin McCulloch
   Col James M. McIntosh[1]

Pearce’s Division, Arkansas Sate Troops

   BG Nicholas Bartlett Pearce

Missouri State Guard[]

MG Sterling Price (w)

Division Brigade Regiments and Others

Second Division
     BG James S. Rains

Infantry Brigade

   Col Richard Hanson Weightman (k)

  • 1st Missouri State Guard Infantry
  • 2nd Missouri State Guard Infantry
  • 3rd Missouri State Guard Infantry
  • 4th Missouri State Guard Infantry
Cavalry Brigade

   Col James Cawthorn

  • Peyton’s Cavalry
  • McCowen’s Cavalry
  • Hunter’s Cavalry
  • Bledsoe’s Battery: Cpt Hiram Bledsoe
Third Division

     BG John Bullock Clark, Jr.

commanded directly
  • Burbridge’s Infantry: Col John Q. Burbridge
  • Major’s Cavalry: Ltc James P. Major
Fourth Division

     BG William Y. Slack

commanded directly
  • Hughes’ Infantry: Col John T. Hughes
  • Thornton’s Infantry: Maj C. C. Thornton
  • Rives’ Cavalry: Col Benjamin A. Rives
Sixth Division

     BG Mosby M. Parsons

commanded directly
  • Kelly’s Infantry: Col Joseph M. Kelly
  • Brown’s Cavalry: Col Ben Browne
  • Guibor’s Battery: Cpt Henry Guibor, Lt William P. Barlow[4]
Seventh Division

     BG James H. McBride

commanded directly
  • Wingo’s Infantry: Col Edmund T. Wingo
  • Foster’s Infantry: Col John A. Foster
  • Campbell’s Cavalry: Cpt Campbell


  1. McIntosh acted as McCulloch's adjutant and second-in-command during the battle, and exercised command of the brigade while McCulloch commanded the army. See Piston & Hatcher, p. 214.
  2. Embry exercised tactical command of the regiment during the battle. See Piston & Hatcher, p. 214.
  3. Rector was Pearce's adjutant general and took command of the 4th Arkansas after Walker fell ill on August 10 (Piston & Hatcher, p. 208).
  4. While scouting for a position to place his battery, Guibor was cut off behind Union lines during the remainder of the battle (Piston & Hatcher, pp. 240–241).


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