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William "Willy" Damson
Born William Damson
Occupation German politician (NSDAP)

William "Willy" Damson (22. January 1894 in Germersheim am Rhein; † KIA December 1944 in Dachau ) was a German politician (NSDAP ).

Life and work

After attending the Volksschule and a Humanist Gymnasium, Willy Damson completed a banking apprenticeship, then worked in bank business until 1924. After that he worked as an independent merchant until 1933.

In the NSDAP (member No. 336.620)[1] Damson committed himself from 1933 to 1934 in the German Labor Front . From 1933 to 1934 he also sat in the municipal council of the city of Kehl on the Rhine. In February 1934, he became a member of the Reichsrevisionamt of the NSDAP, where he served as Reichsoberrevisor. After thecleansing wave of the National Socialists of the early summer of 1934, which had become known as Rohm's Putsch , in the course of which large parts of the leadership departments of the Sturmabteilung ( SA ) were liquidated or arrested, Damson became on July 4, 1934 with the leadership of the administrative office of the Supreme SA leadership and At the same time acting as a provisional agent with the office of the treasurer in the Supreme SA leadership.

Subsequently, Damson was until 1943 head of the main office II (Reichshaushaltsamt) with the Reichsschatzmeister of the NSDAP. In addition to this, he was appointed chief of the NSDAP, commissioner of the Reichsschatzmeister in the committee for HJ -Heim procurement, and since 13 January 1942 as commissioner of the Reichsschatzmeister in national questions.

From March 1936 to the extinction of his mandate on March 22, 1944, Damson sat as a deputy in the National Socialist Diet , in which he first represented the electoral district 15 (Osthannover) until April 1938, and then, until his departure, the constituency 18 (Westfalen Süd).

1944 Damson, in 1939 owner of since January 30 was the golden decoration of the NSDAP was,[1] due to a case of corruption in the Germanic control center in Brussels arrested and the Dachau concentration camp admitted, where he died in December of the same year.


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