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William Waldo Bauer (July 23, 1892 - December 25, 1967), best known as William W. Bauer was an American physician and health writer.


Bauer was born in Milwaukee. He obtained his B.S. from the University of Wisconsin (1915) and M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania (1917).[1] He married Florence Ann Marvyne on February 8, 1920. He was a lieutenant in the U.S. Army Medical Corps during World War I and remained as a Major until 1921.[1]

He conducted private medical practice in Boise, Idaho and Milwaukee. From 1923 to 1931, Bauer was health commissioner of Racine, Wisconsin.[1] He was later appointed assistant director of the American Medical Association's Bureau of Health Education in Chicago. He advanced to the director where he remained until his retirement in 1961 as director emeritus.[1] From 1928 to 1930 he was a staff member of the Wisconsin Anti-Tuberculosis Association and secretary of the Racine Tuberculosis Society from 1923 to 1931.[1]

Bauer was an advocate of good nutrition, healthy eating and a balanced diet. He was critical of food fads and debunked them in his books.[2][3] His books received positive reviews in medical journals.[4][5][6][7]



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