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William Nelson Rowe
Rowe's tombstone at Castlehyde Cemetery
Born 1867
Died 2 May 1916
Place of birth County Wexford, Ireland
Place of death Bawnard House, Castlelyons, County Cork, Ireland
Allegiance Royal Irish Constabulary
Rank Head Constable
Battles/wars Easter Rising

William Nelson Rowe (1867 – 2 May 1916) was a member of the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC), fatally shot during a police raid on the home of the Kent family at Castlelyons, County Cork.


The event took place in the immediate aftermath of the Easter Rising, when the Authorities began to arrest Republican sympathisers. As the raid unfolded, the Kent brothers refused to be taken into custody, a firefight occurred which resulted in the death of Rowe and also the fatal wounding of Richard Kent as he attempted to flee.


Rowe is buried at the Church of Ireland graveyard at Castlehyde, Fermoy, he left behind a widow and five children under the age of sixteen. Thomas and William Kent were tried by court martial on the charge of his murder. William was acquitted, but Thomas was sentenced to death and executed by firing squad at Cork on 9 May 1916.


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