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William M. Lennox

William Mercer Lennox (August 8, 1900 – October 7, 1991) was a Democratic politician from Philadelphia who served as sheriff from 1952 to 1972.

Lennox was born in Philadelphia in 1900, the son of Robert Lennox and his wife, Theresa Howarth Lennox.[1] At the age of 17, he enlisted in the United States Navy and served in the First World War.[2] After the war, he worked as the business manager of athletics at the University of Pennsylvania.[3] In 1928, Lennox married Catharine Kilgallen, with whom he had five children.[2] In 1950, Democratic ward leaders nominated Lennox for Philadelphia City Council in a special election that followed the death of Charles E. O'Halloran.[2] He won and served the remained of the term, which ended in 1952.[3] In 1951, instead of running for another term on the council, Lennox ran for sheriff and won.[3] He was reelected in 1955, 1959, 1963, and 1967.[3] After his fifth term, Lennox retired from office at age 71, but remained active in the community, working as a volunteer at St. John's Hospice in Center City.[3] He died in 1991.[3]



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