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The War of Independence Ribbon (also known as "freedom star" ribbon)[1] is an Israeli decoration and campaign ribbon awarded to Israelis that took part on the Israeli War of Independence (1947–1949 Palestine war).

The War of Independence Ribbon
Independence war ribbon.svg
The War of Independence Ribbon
Awarded by The State of Israel
Country  Israel
Type Service Ribbon
Campaign Israeli War of Independence
Established 1951
Order of wear
Next (higher) Medal of Distinguished Service
Next (lower) Sinai War Ribbon

Award criteria

The ribbon is awarded to: A.  Any person who served in the IDF for a term of four months or more, between the 1st of February 1948 and 10 March 1949. B.  All the IDF soldiers who fell during the War of Independence. In this case the ribbon will be awarded to the soldier's family for custody. C.  Those who do not fulfill the requirement of section A specified above, but have served in the IDF and have actually engaged in combat during the War of Independence. In this case every request will be dealt with separately.  

D.  Anyone who was confined to a border settlement for 120 consecutive days during the period specified in section A above.  

E.  This also applies to those who acted as officials dealing with immigration and procurement.  

If the person eligible for this award has passed away, a family member or next-of-kin (which includes, in this instance, a widower, a widow, a son, a daughter, a father, a mother, a brother or a sister) is entitled to submit an application requesting the ribbon, or get a replacement in the event of loss or wear and tear.[1]


Ribbon The ribbon is dark blue with a single red stripe in the middle and two white stripes on either end with a light blue strip between each pair. The ribbon represents the flag and State of Israel and the red represents all those who lost their lives during the war. Clasps

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