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Wang Jialie

Wang Jialie (王家烈) (1893 - August 11, 1966) Chairmen of the Guizhou government Nov 1931 - May 1935, and he continuously resisted Chiang Kai-shek's attempt to unify China under his central government.

One of Wang's most notorious and successful attempt occurred during Chiang's first attempt to spread his power to Guizhou by establishing Kuomintang party memberships in Guizhou that was previously non-existent. Wang first refused Chiang's request, but later when he realized that he could not get away with it, Wang answered Chiang by claiming that everyone in Guizhou would become a member of Kuomintang. Chiang was too far away to offer any actual help to his recruiters in Guizhou, and as a result, recruiters had to randomly circle names from the local population registry in order to fulfill their task and Wang thus successfully thwarted Chiang's initial takeover attempt.

However, Chiang got his chance for revenge years later when pursuing the fleeing Chinese Red Army during the Long March. Wang's local provincial army was no match for the communist force and under the excuse of helping the locals rid of the communists by chasing after them, Chiang sent in his own troops into Guizhou, and successfully bribed Wang's trusted lieutenants to defect to Chiang's camp. Without his effective military support, Wang Jialie was deposed by Chiang Kai-shek after the Chinese Red Army left Guizhou. Wang eventually returned to Zunyi in May 1946 for his retirement. After the communist revolution, Wang was named the deputy chairman of the provincial People's Political Consultative Conference, but he was struggled during the Cultural Revolution by Red Guards and died in 1966.


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