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Wa National Army
Participant in the Internal conflict in Myanmar
File:Flag of Wa.svg
Active 29 July 1969 (1969-07-29)–present
Ideology Wa nationalism
Leaders Mahasang
Headquarters Homein, Shan State, Myanmar
Area of
Shan State;
Myanmar-Thailand border
Strength 200[1]
Part of Wa National Organisation
Originated as Ka Kwe Ye
Became United Wa State Army

Kuomintang (until 1980s)

Shan State Army (until 1977)

State opponents

  •  Myanmar
  • Myanmar Union of Myanmar (until 2011)
  • Myanmar Socialist Republic of the Union of Burma (until 1988)

Non-state opponents

  • Communist Party of Burma
Battles/wars Internal conflict in Myanmar

The Wa National Army (Burmese language: ဝအမျိုးသားတပ်မတော်; abbreviated WNA) is an insurgent group that operates in Shan State, Myanmar (Burma), near Myanmar's border with Thailand.[2] It is the armed wing of the Wa National Organisation (WNO).[3]


The WNA was founded along with the WNO on 29 July 1974, after the original group, a Ka Kwe Ye, joined forces with the Shan State Army (SSA) and Lo Hsing Han. The group was led by Mahasang, the son of the last sawbwa of Vingngun.[3]

In 1977, the WNA broke ties with the SSA and allied themselves with the 3rd Kuomintang battalion operating near the Myanmar-China border, led by General Li Wenhuan. In 1983, the WNA's political wing, the Wa National Organisation, officially joined the National Democratic Force (NDF).[3]

In the 1980s, the WNA operated in northern Shan State, near the Myanmar-Thailand border, but not in the mountainous areas of the region, which were under the control of the Communist Party of Burma until 1989.[2] In August 1997, the WNA signed a peace agreement with the military junta government.[3]

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