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WM-80 on Independence Day Parade in Yerevan

The WM-80 was a multiple rocket launcher used by the People's Liberation Army of China and sold to other states like Armenia.

The MRL system was developed by Norinco on Chinese designed Type 83 273mm 4-tube artillery rocket system on a 8x8 truck chassis.

  • China newly developed WM-120-type multi-barrel rocket launcher system. The weapon system to WM-80-based development, launch tube diameter of 273 mm, with the use of solid fuel rockets, the maximum range of 120 km, the minimum range of 34 km, circular error probability of about 50 meters and equipped with global positioning systems inertial guidance device.[1][2][3]

The system (WM-80) is now replaced by the A-100 MRL system.


  •  Armenia 4 vehicles bought in 1994
  •  Jordan 24 WM-120 system bought form Norinco-China in 2010. (It appeared in one of the military exercises conducted by Jordanian Armed Forces)[4]


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