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{{Infobox military person |name = Vukašin Šoškoćanin |birth_date = (1958-06-24)24 June 1958 |death_date = 15 May 1991(1991-05-15) (aged 32) |birth_place = Borovo Selo, FPR Yugoslavia |death_place = Danube river, SFR Yugoslavia |placeofburial = Bođani monastery, Vojvodina, Serbia |placeofburial_label= |image = 233px |nickname = Vule, Šoša |allegiance = Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia SFR Yugoslavia]]
[[File:Flag of Serbian Krajina (1991).svg|23px|border|SAO Krajina SAO Krajina |serviceyears = 1990–1991 |rank = Commander |branch = |commands = |unit = |battles = Battle of Borovo Selo |awards = }}

Vukašin Šoškoćanin (Serbian language: Вукашин Шошкоћанин; 1958–1991) was a Serbian war commander. He was president of the Borovo commune and commander of the Borovo Selo Territorial Defense Force during the war in Croatia.


Born to parents Milan and Ljubica on 24 June 1958, he was a member of the Serb Democratic Party.[1] Before the war, he was a veterinary technician in Vukovar. He had two brothers named Radovan and Dušan.


Circumstances surrounding his death are still relatively unknown. On May 15, 1991 at around 10:30 AM, while returning from a visit to a refugee camp in Vojvodina, he drowned in the Danube river. Then-politician Milan Paroški publicly questioned the official cause of death and claimed that the frogmen (probably either the memebers Yugoslav Peoples Army Riverine Flotilla or the Serbian Special Police) were responsible for Šoškoćanin's death.[2] His death is still labelled under "mysterious circumstances." Apparently, an assassination is in question and it was orchestrated by the Serbian State Security Service.[3] After his death, an elementary school in Borovo was named after him.[4] He was posthumously awarded the title of "hero of the people" in a Serbian meeting in Beli Manastir on September 25, 1991.[5] Memorials to Šoškoćanin in Borovo were discovered in 2011, causing outrage to some Croats.[6]


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