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Volunteer Long Service Medal
Volunteer Long Service Medal.png
Obverse and reverse of Victoria version of the medal
Awarded by British Empire
Type Long service medal
Eligibility Volunteer Force other ranks
Awarded for 20 years of service
Status No longer awarded
Established 1894
Last awarded 1930
Order of Wear
Next (higher) Volunteer Officers' Decoration[1]
Next (lower) Volunteer Officers' Decoration (for India and the Colonies)[1]
Related Colonial Auxiliary Forces Long Service Medal
Territorial Force Efficiency Medal
Volunteer Decoration (UK) ribbon.png
Ribbon of the medal
Ribbon for HAC medals

The Volunteer Long Service Medal was a long service medal awarded by the United Kingdom. Established by Queen Victoria by Army Order No. 85 of 1894, the medal was awarded for 20 years of service in the ranks of the Volunteer Force. The medal was subsequently extended to members of the Volunteer Forces of India and the colonies in 1896. The medal was superseded by the Territorial Force Efficiency Medal upon the formation of the Territorial Force in 1908. The medal was still being awarded until 1930 in Bermuda, India, and to the 7th (Isle of Man) Volunteer Battalion of the King's (Liverpool) Regiment.[2]


The Volunteer Long Service Medal is made of silver, round, and 1.45 inches in diameter. The obverse of the medal depicts the reigning sovereign. The medals for recipients in India and the colonies have ET IMPERATRIX for Victoria effigies and ET IMPERATOR for the effigies of Edward VII and George V added to the royal titles.[3][4] The reverse bears a palm and laurel wreath with a scroll bearing the inscription FOR LONG SERVICE IN THE VOLUNTEER FORCE.[5]

The medal is suspended from a straight silver bar and hangs from a 1.25 inch solid green ribbon.[5] Volunteer Long Service Medal presented to members of the Honourable Artillery Company were suspended from a ribbon of dark blue and red, edged with narrow yellow stripes, the household colours of Edward VII.[6]


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