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Vladimir Metikoš (July 7, 1899 - 1945) was a Croatian general in the then Independent State of Croatia (NDH).

Metikoš was born in Banja Luka. During World War I, he was posted on the Italian front as a lieutenant of the Austro-Hungarian Army. Later he was an officer in the Royal Yugoslav Army.

For the first months after the creation of NDH served as liaison officer with the German Command of Bosnian Divisional Area. Distinguished in the battles in Eastern Bosnia as the commander of 7th Jaeger Infantry regiment as of May 1942. As of June 3, 1944 commander of Lika Operational Area (4th Ustasha Active Brigade) and as of October 1944 commander of Banja Luka Brigade. In the beginning of December 1944 appointed commander of 6th Croatian Division.

In 1945 Metikoš was one of the representatives of the Croatian Armed Forces who attempted to negotiate a surrender with the British at Bleiburg.[1] Supreme Court of Democratic Federative Yugoslavia condemned him to the death penalty on September 19, 1945.



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