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Polkovnik V. Liakhov, commander of Persian Cossack Brigade.

Polkovnik (Colonel) Vladimir Platonovitch Liakhov (Russian: Влади́мир Плато́нович Ля́хов) (c. 20 June 1869 - June 1919[1]) was the commander of Persian Cossack Brigade during the rule of Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar. He gained considerable notoriety after shelling the Majlis of Iran and execution of several constitutionalist leaders on June 23, 1908. As a sign of gratitude, Mohammad Ali Shah appointed him as the Military Governor of Tehran.

During World War I he served at the Caucasian Front. In 1916 Lyakhov's troops captured Trabzon in Trebizond Campaign.

After the Russian Revolution Lyakhov joined the White movement, serving in the Denikin's Volunteer Army.


  1. Some biographies state he died in 1920 (30 April 1920).

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