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Viktor Makeyev
Born (1924-10-25)October 25, 1924
Died 25 October 1985(1985-10-25) (aged 61)
Place of birth USSR
Place of death USSR
Allegiance  Soviet Union

Hero of the Soviet Union Hero of the Soviet Union Hero of the Soviet Union

Viktor Petrovich Makeyev (Russian: Ви́ктор Петро́вич Маке́ев; October 25, 1924 – October 25, 1985) was the founder of the Soviet-Russian school of sea missiles production.


Makeyev's work has resulted in three generations of submarine-launched ballistic missiles being used by the Russian Navy.

Among these were:

First generation
Second generation
  • R-27 - the first rocket with factory fuelling (1968)
  • R-27K
  • R-29 - the world first intercontinental SLBM (1974)
Third generation
  • R-29R - the first intercontinental SLBM with MRV (1977)
  • R-39 - the first intercontinental SLBM with MIRV (1983)
  • R-29RM - a complex rocket of very high technical perfection

The domestic school of sea rocket production, founded and headed by Makeyev, has reached world excellence in a number of tactical and operational characteristics of rockets, control systems, starting systems. The key areas of expertise are:

  • accommodation of engines inside tanks of fuel or oxidizer
  • maximizing fuel capacitance of rocket shell
  • successful use of astrocorrection in ballistic missiles
  • use of zone amortization using elastomer materials
  • ampulized fuel tanks factory refuelling

Under his management the unique laboratory/experimental base provided complex ground working for rockets.

In 1991, the State Rocket Center Makeyev Rocket Design Bureau was named after him. Also named in honour of Makeyev are an avenue in Miass, a street in Kolomna, and a vessel of the Northern fleet. Makeyev's bust is displayed in Miass and Kolomna.

Grants in his name were established in several universities. The Federation of Astronautics of the country has founded a medal. The academician of the Century of Item of V. Makeyev. Makeyev was the author of 32 basic inventions, and published more than 200 printed works including monographs.


  • 1959 - Winner of the Order of Lenin
  • 1961 - Hero of Socialist Labor (the highest civilian award)
  • 1965 - Awarded Dr.Sci.Tech.
  • 1968 - Academician, a member of the USSR Academy of Sciences
  • 1968 - Winner of the Hero of the Soviet Union
  • 1974 - Hero of Socialist Labor (the highest civilian award)
  • 1978 - Winner of the Hero of the Soviet Union
  • 1983 - Winner of the Hero of the Soviet Union

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