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Valeriy Ivaschenko

Valeriy Ivashchenko (Ukrainian language: Валерій Іващенко ) (* 30 July 1956, Zaporizhia) — Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine in 2007-2009, Acting Minister from 2009 to 2010. Colonel stock.


Valery Ivashchenko born 30 July 1956 in Zaporizhia. In 1978 he graduated from the Military Engineering Academy. AF Mozhaiskogo. His service began at the cosmodrome "Baikonur".

From 1978 to 1993 served on military engineering and command positions in space port "Baikonur" and "Plesetsk". In 1993 he graduated from the Military Academy. Dzerzhinsky. In 1993–1995, served on the positions at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine arms.

From 1995 to 1996 — Head of the Center of Administrative Management Group's strategic nuclear forces of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. From 1996 to 2000 he worked in the Office of Military mobilization work and law enforcement agencies of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

In 2000–2001 — State Expert management of foreign national security aspects of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine. From 2001 to 2003, served as head of the department of the State Committee on Military-Industrial Complex of Ukraine.

From 2003 to 2005 — Head of Department of Defence and Industry Policy Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. In 2005 — Deputy Head of the Department of Industrial Policy of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

In 2005–2007 — Deputy Head of service security and defense policy — Head of the Defence Office of the President of Ukraine.

From October 2007 to June 2009 he was Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine. Following the resignation of Yekhanurov order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 604-r dated 5 June 2009 was appointed First Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine, March 2010 served as Minister of Defense of Ukraine.

Married. He has a son and a daughter.

The criminal case

21 August 2010 Valery Ivashchenko was arrested by the Military Prosecutor. He was accused of illegally deciding on Sale of Assets Feodosia ship & mechanical plant. 24 August he was arrested.

In June 2011, Valery Ivashchenko announced an indefinite hunger strike in protest against the bias of the panel of judges, but soon stopped the hunger strike due to health. Ivashchenko Lawyers filed a complaint with the European Court of Human Rights in relation to a violation of pre-trial and during the trial. In an interview with "Kommersant" Ivashchenko said he had no relation to the sale of property alienation and CRS.

12 April 2012 Valery Ivashchenko was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. Ivashchenko said that his case was fabricated former Deputy Attorney General Vitaly Shchetkin. The sentence was criticized by the Helsinki Committee, the United States and the EU.

14 August 2012 Court of Appeal changed Ivaschenko sentence to a suspended and released from custody in the courtroom. In January 2013 he received political asylum of Denmark.

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