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The V-2 Rocket is the second of the weapons of revenge (Vergeltungswaffe 2, or V2) of Hitler's V2 ballistic missile was a short-range, very expensive and of low precision, but against which no defense was possible and therefore have great effect against his moral main target, English cities. About 10,000 were made, of which 4320 were actually released, mostly against Antwerp (1341). Those launched against England (1120) have killed and injured some 10,000 people. A small number were released against the Remagen Bridge, without success.

Techinical Features


V-2 rocket on meillerwagen-1-.jpg

he V2 was propelled to alcohol (Mixture of 75% ethyl alcohol and 25% water) And liquid oxygen, Called lox. The Engines generated a maximum of 160 000 pounds ( 72574 kg ) of thrust. By developing speed of 1341 m/s, With a radius range 321–362 miles. The alcohol ethanol used in these rockets was made from potato, Which was produced in abundance especially in East Prussia.

Due to high temperatures of the engine, the designers of the V2 cleverly used their own alcohol as fuel engine coolant . This was done by injecting alcohol fuel around the nozzle, forming a protective film.

The flight maneuvers were made through fins that interfered with the jet direction of the rocket, simple solution compared to the current difficulties of the rockets, where all the motor rotates to change the direction of the jet. The direction of flight was made by gyros.


  • Nazi Germany: The nazi Germany tried to use the V-2 against the Allies, but, with the British bo

    Replica of the V-2 Rocket at Musée de l'Armée.

    mbers constantly attacking the German factories, the Germans hadn't many opportunities to use the V-2
  • Union of The Socialist Soviet Republics: (Post-War only)
  • United States: (Post-War only)


  • Model: A4
  • Weight: 12,870 kg
  • Length: 14 m
  • Wingspan: 3.5 m
  • Diameter: 1.68 m
  • Engine: EWN, 27,500 kg (60,500 lb) of thrust (acceleration severity 6)
  • Maximum speed: 5760 km / h
  • Ceiling: 96,000 m
  • Range: 330 km
  • Weight ratio explosive charge:: 7.6%
  • Bursting charge: 975 kg (907 kg Amatol 60/40)

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