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Värmland Brigade
Heraldic arms
Active 1949–2000
Country Sweden
Allegiance Swedish Armed Forces
Branch Swedish Army
Type Infantry
Role Infantry brigade
Size Brigade
Part of Värmland Regiment (1949–1994)
Milo M (1994–2000)
Garrison/HQ Karlstad (1949–1994)
Kristinehamn (1994–2000)
Motto(s) Cum Deo et victricibus armis ("With God and victorious arms")
Colors Yellow and black
March "Pepitamarsch" (Neumann)[note 1]
Battle honours Fredriksodde (1657), Tåget över Bält (1658), Lund (1677), Landskrona (1678), Narva (1700), Düna (1701), Kliszow (1702), Fraustadt (1706), Malatitze (1708), Gadebusch (1712)
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Värmland Brigade (IB 2) (Swedish language: Värmlandsbrigaden ) was a Swedish Army infantry brigade. Most of the brigade's soldiers were trained at the Värmland Regiment in Karlstad. The unit was disbanded as a result of the disarmament policies set forward in the Defence Act of 2000.


The brigade was set up between 1949 and 1951. The brigade, together with the Värmland Regiment (I 2) was disbanded on 30 June 2000. The brigade's last commander was Colonel Björn Tomtlund.


Infantry battalions

  • 1st Örnbataljonen
  • 2nd Vargbataljonen
  • 3rd Djerfbataljonen
  • 4th Grenadjärbataljonen

Maintenance Battalion

Howitzer Battalion

Engineer Battalion

Heraldry and traditions

The Värmland Brigade shared heraldry and traditions with the Värmland Regiment.[2]

Coat of arms

The coat of the arms of the Värmland Brigade (IB 2) 1994–2000 which also was used by Värmland Regiment (I 2/Fo 52) 1977–1994. Blazon: "Argent, the provincial badge of Värmland, an eagle azure, wings elevated and displayed, armed and langued gules. The shield surmounted two muskets in saltire, or".[3]


In 2000, the Värmlands regementes (I 2) och Värmlandsbrigadens (IB 2) minnesmedalj ("Värmland Regiment (I 2) and Värmland Brigade (IB 2) Commemorative Medal") in gold with black enamel (VärmlregbrigSMM) of the 8th size was established. The medal ribbon is of yellow moiré with broad black edges and two thinly placed red stripes on the middle. An eagle of gold is attached to the ribbon.[4]

Commanding officers

Brigade commander from 1949 to 2000. During the years 1949–1994, the brigade commander was also acting commanding officer of Värmland Regiment.[5]

  • 1949–1980: ?
  • 1980–1983: Lieutenant Colonel Jan Hage
  • 1983–1988: Colonel Lennart Bergqvist
  • 1988–1993: Colonel Ingvar S Klang
  • 1993–1996: Tommy W Johansson
  • 1997–2000: Björn Tomtlund (also regimental commander of Värmland Regiment from 1 April 2000)

Names, designations and locations

Name Translation From To
Värmlandsbrigaden Värmland Brigade 1949-10-01 2000-06-30
Designation From To
IB 2 1949-10-01 2000-06-30
Location From To
Karlstad Garrison 1949-10-01 1994-06-30
Kristinehamn Garrison 1994-07-01 2000-06-30

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  1. The march was adopted in 1994 and established on 13 June 1996.[1]




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