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Nyland Brigade
Nylands Brigad (Swedish)
UudPr lippu.jpg
The Nyland Brigade flag.
Country  Finland
Branch Finnish Navy seal Finnish Navy
Type Marine Infantry
Role Coastal warfare
Size Wartime size unknown
Approximately 1,500 soldiers trained each year
Part of Jäger Battalion
Garrison/HQ Dragsvik, Raseborg, Finland
Commodore Olavi Jantunen
Headdress Green beret with Eagles head pin

The Uusimaa Brigade or the Nyland Brigade (Finnish language: Uudenmaan Prikaati

(UudPr), Swedish: Nylands Brigad (NylBr)) is a Finnish Navy marine infantry unit located in Raseborg in the region of Uusimaa. The brigade trains soldiers to fight in a coastal environment. It is the only unit in the Finnish Defence Forces where the training is given in Swedish, although the command language is Finnish.

The brigade also trains personnel for the international ATU unit (Amphibious Task Unit), which is a special crisis management force that can be employed in coastal environments. The ATU unit also incorporates the coastal jaegers from the Swedish 1st Amphibious Regiment.


  • Headquarters
  • Vasa Coastal Jaeger Battalion (infantry)
    • Coastal Jaeger Company
    • Mortar Company
    • Combat Engineer Company
  • Ekenäs Coastal Battalion (infantry)
    • First Coast Company
    • Second Coast Company
    • Amphibious Warfare School
  • Supply Center

The Vasa Coastal Jaeger Battalion trains coastal jaegers, boatsmen, anti-tank infantry and engineers. The Ekenäs Coastal Battalion trains coastal missile troops, military police, signalmen as well as boat and truck drivers. It also incorporates the NCO school, which trains the NCOs for most duties in the brigade.


The Finnish coastal jaegers are trained in the Uusimaa Brigade

The Nyland Brigade follows the traditions of the Nyland and Tavastehus Regiment, which Gustavus Adolphus established in 1626. The regiment distinguished itself in the Battle of Siikajoki during the Finnish War. The brigade also traces back its history to the 3rd Jaeger Regiment during the Finnish Civil War and the 4th Infantry Regiment (JR4) during World War II.


The brigade utilizes XA-185 Pasi APCs and trucks for land transport, and Jurmo, Uisko and G class landing craft for amphibious transport. It has also a large number of boats for amphibious transport. The motorized artillery previously used 130 K 54 guns, but now relies on Spike-ER missiles for anti-ship warfare.

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