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Hi! I am Mr Taz (Mike, Romeo. Tango, Alfa, Zulu.) a Military Researcher (Researcher) sorting out Military Research (Research) this is my page. Leave me a message on my talk page.

Yes, Sir. Yes! (Sir, Yes Sir!) Duty (Active duty, Back on duty)

“Once a Marine, Always a Marine.”

War, What is it good for?

Make Love, Not War!

I'll Make a Man of You

KISS (K-I-S-S) principle is an acronym for "keep it short and simple” or “keep it short and sweet” ("Keep it simple, stupid")

compare and contrast:

fact vs fiction (fact vs opinion)

Crown and Country (King and Country or Queen and Country also Queen and Country (artwork))

United Ireland (behind who) vs Unified Ireland (together).

APAR:Active Phased Array Radar or Active phased array radar

One Mans Activist is another's Anarchist!

Australian Defence Service Newspapers

User:Mr Taz/sandbox

User:Mr Taz/RAF or Royal Air Force

User:Mr Taz/List of lists

Foyle's War

The World Wars