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Ural 63099 Typhoon MRAP

Ural Typhoon is Russia's multi-functional, modular armored MRAP vehicle family. Chassis consists of the car bonnet, frame, all-wheel drive, three-axle.[1] The Typhoon is part of Russia's large vehicle Typhoon MRAP program.

Produced by Ural Automotive Plant (controlled as of 2013 GAZ Group).


Can be used as reconnaissance, command and staff vehicles, machinery EW / RTR or communications, ambulance or to conduct engineering, radiation, chemical and biological reconnaissance of transportation.


Two variants have been identified thus far.

Ural 63055

  • Crew: 3 + 14 in module


Ural Typhoon passenger compartment

Ural Typhoon rear module

  • Total weight: 24 tons
  • Crew: 3 + 16 in module
  • Configuration: 6 × 6
  • Power: JAMZ-5367 450 hp turbodiesel
  • Transmission: six-speed automatic transmission,
  • Transfer Case: mechanical two-stage,
  • Tyres: bullet-proof with automatic sealing
  • Armor type: Laminated glass and composite (steel and ceramic)
  • Protection class: proof from 14.5 mm armor-piercing bullets, up to 8 kg of explosives underneath
  • Armament: remote-controlled unit mounting a 7.62 mm HMG or 14.5 mm KPV HMG, loopholes


In the movie A Good Day to Die Hard, John McClane and his son Jack are chased through the streets of Moscow by a corrupt politician's henchmen operating a Ural Typhoon.


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