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Uprising in Vučitrn
Part of Austro-Turkish War of 1716–18
LocationSanjak of Vučitrn
Result Ottoman victory
Serb population (rayah)  Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Tahir Pasha
Ferhat Aga
Units involved
Albanian irregulars

During the Austro-Turkish War of 1716–18, Austrian forces aided by Serb volunteers penetrated into West Morava and set up a new border there. The war resulted in renewed persecution against the Serb population in Kosovo, Metohija and neighbouring regions. The Ottomans relied on the Albanians for securing their border regions with Austria, the Albanians becoming freed from the heaviest duties in return. In Vučitrn and the surrounding areas, the Serb rayah rose up in a large revolt, which was brutally suppressed. The Ottoman troops that were sent to pacify the people and investigate, carried out new violence. The harsh economic status, robberies, and threat of murder pushed the Kosovo Serbs into either accepting Islam, or seeking protection under a strong lord (accepting serfdom status). Many opted for a third alternative, to take refuge in neighbouring areas where life was more acceptable.[1]




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  • Uprising of the Serb Rayah in the Sanjak of Vučitrn (устанак српске раје у Вучитрнском санџаку)


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