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Upper Norrland Military District
Övre Norrlands militärområde
Heraldic arms
Active 1942–1993
Country  Sweden
Allegiance Swedish Armed Forces
Branch Multi (Sea, Air and Land)
Type Military district
Role Operational, territorial and tactical operations
Garrison/HQ Boden

Upper Norrland Military District (Swedish language: Övre Norrlands militärområde , Milo ÖN), originally VI Military District (Swedish language: VI. militärområdet ) was a Swedish military district, a command of the Swedish Armed Forces that had operational control over Upper Norrland, for most time of its existence corresponding to the area covered by the counties of Västerbotten and Norrbotten. The headquarters of Milo ÖN were located in Boden.


Milo ÖN was created in 1966 along with five other military districts as part of a reorganisation of the administrative divisions of the Swedish Armed Forces. It can be seen as the successor of VI Military District (VI. militärområdet) created in 1942, but that did not have the same tasks as Milo ÖN. The military district consisted of the land covered by the above-mentioned counties. In 1993, the number of military districts of Sweden was decreased to three, and as a consequence of that, Milo ÖN was merged with the Lower Norrland Military District (Milo NN) to create a new military district, the Northern Military District (Milo N).

Units 1989[]

In peacetime the Upper Norrland Military District consisted of the following units, which were training recruits for wartime units:

In wartime the Upper Norrland Military District would have activated the following major land units, as well as a host of smaller units:

  • 15th Division, in Boden
    • NB 19 - Norrbotten Brigade, a Type 85 Norrland Brigade (optimized for arctic/winter warfare) based on the I 19/P 5 - Norrbotten Regiment
    • NB 50 - Lapland Brigade, a Type 85 Norrland Brigade based on the I 20 - Västerbotten Regiment
    • 8x Norrland Jäger battalions
    • 3x Self-propelled Artillery Battalions, with 8x Bandkanon 1 each

Heraldry and traditions[]

Coat of arms[]

The coat of arms of the Upper Norrland Military District Staff 1983–1993. Blazon: "Azur, an erect sword with the district letter (ÖN - Upper Norrland) surrounded by an open chaplet of oak leaves, all or."[1]

Commanding officers[]

Military commanders[]

Chiefs of Staff[]

  • 1942–1944: Holger Stenholm
  • 1944–1958: ???
  • 1958–1961: Bertil Creutzer
  • 1961–1963: ???
  • 1963–1966: Bele Jansson
  • 1966–1972: Nils Personne
  • 1972–1974: Gösta Hökmark
  • 1974–1975: Karl-Gösta Lundmark
  • 1976–1977: Bengt Schuback
  • 1978–1980: Evert Båge
  • 1980–1983: Bertil Nordström
  • 1983–1986: Lars-Erik Englund
  • 1986–1988: Åke Sagrén
  • 1988–1992: Carl-Johan Rundberg
  • 1992–1993: Tomas Warming

Names, designations and locations[]

Name Translation From To
VI. militärområdet VI Military District 1942-10-01 1966-09-30
Upper Norrland Military District Övre Norrlands militärområde 1966-10-01 1993-06-30
Designation From To
VI. Milo 1943-10-01 1966-09-30
Milo ÖN 1966-10-01 1993-06-30
Location From To
Boden Garrison 1943-10-01 1993-06-30

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