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Rank insignia poster of the SA and SS showing the position of Untergruppenführer

Untergruppenführer was a rare and short lived rank of the Sturmabteilung which existed in the SA for a few months in late 1929 and 1930. The rank was created as an intermediary position between the ranks of SA-Oberführer and SA-Gruppenführer. The rank was held by those Oberführer who were selected to command the early SA-brigades first formed in 1929. There was no prescribed insignia for those holding the rank, with the Untergruppenführer continuing to wear the uniform of an SA-Oberführer.

The rank of Untergruppenführer was replaced by SA-Brigadeführer in 1931 but continued as an "ad hoc" title in the SA until 1933.


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