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The United States Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs deals with oversight of United States veterans issues.

Members, 113th Congress

Majority Minority
  • Bernie Sanders, Vermont[1] Chairman
  • Jay Rockefeller, West Virginia
  • Patty Murray, Washington
  • Sherrod Brown, Ohio
  • Jon Tester, Montana
  • Mark Begich, Alaska
  • Richard Blumenthal, Connecticut
  • Mazie Hirono, Hawaii
  • Richard Burr, North Carolina, Ranking Member
  • Johnny Isakson, Georgia
  • Mike Johanns, Nebraska
  • Jerry Moran, Kansas
  • John Boozman, Arkansas
  • Dean Heller, Nevada

Source: 2013 Congressional Record, Vol. 159, Page S296 to 297

Chairmen of the Senate Committee on Veterans' Affairs, 1971–present

Name Party State Years
  Vance Hartke Democratic Indiana 1971–1977
  Alan Cranston Democratic California 1977–1981
  Alan K. Simpson Republican Wyoming 1981–1985
  Frank Murkowski Republican Alaska 1985–1987
  Alan Cranston Democratic California 1987–1993
  Jay Rockefeller Democratic West Virginia 1993–1995
  Alan K. Simpson Republican Wyoming 1995–1997
  Arlen Specter Republican Pennsylvania 1997–2001
  Jay Rockefeller Democratic West Virginia 2001–2003
  Arlen Specter Republican Pennsylvania 2003–2005
  Larry Craig Republican Idaho 2005–2007
  Daniel Akaka Democratic Hawaii 2007–2011
  Patty Murray Democratic Washington 2011–2013
  Bernie Sanders Independent Vermont 2013–present

2007 Walter Reed Hospital oversight issue

This senate committee came under scrutiny when its oversight role over Walter Reed Army Hospital was questioned following discoveries of negligent maintenance of certain facilities. The scrutiny escalated as individual members have been questioned on their individual negligence in overseeing this veterans' hospital.[2]

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  1. Bernie Sanders is an Independent, but caucuses with Democrats on the committee.
  2. Chicago Sun Times, Squabbles, no clear winner (Democratic candidate presidential debate), June 4, 2007

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