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UN Security Council
Resolution 618
HigginsWilliamR USMC
Lieutenant-Colonel William R. Higgins
Date 29 July 1988
Meeting no. 2,822
Code S/RES/618 (Document)
Subject Israel-Lebanon
Voting summary
15 voted for
None voted against
None abstained
Result Adopted
Security Council composition
Permanent members
  • Flag of the People's Republic of China China
  • Flag of France France
  • Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
  • Flag of the United States United States
  • Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union
Non-permanent members
  • Flag of Algeria Algeria
  • Flag of Argentina Argentina
  • Flag of Brazil (1968-1992) Brazil
  • Flag of Italy Italy
  • Flag of Japan Japan
  • Flag of Nepal   Nepal
  • Flag of Senegal Senegal
  • Flag of Germany West Germany
  • Flag of SFR Yugoslavia Yugoslavia
  • Flag of Zambia Zambia

United Nations Security Council resolution 618, adopted unanimously on 29 July 1988, after recalling Resolution 579 (1985) on hostage-taking, the Council condemned the abduction of Lieutenant-Colonel William R. Higgins and demanded his immediate release. It also urged Member States to use their influence to promote the implementation of the current resolution.

The resolution was not implemented, and Higgins was later murdered by his captors.

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