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UN Security Council
Resolution 577
SWAPO and SA operations 1981-1984, Angola civil war es.png
South African border operations
Date 6 December 1985
Meeting no. 2,631
Code S/RES/577 (Document)
Subject Angola-South Africa
Voting summary
15 voted for
None voted against
None abstained
Result Adopted
Security Council composition
Permanent members
  •  China
  •  France
  •  United Kingdom
  •  United States
  •  Soviet Union
Non-permanent members
  •  Australia
  •  Burkina Faso
  •  Denmark
  •  Egypt
  •  India
  •  Madagascar
  •  Peru
  •  Thailand
  •  Trinidad and Tobago
  •  Ukrainian SSR

United Nations Security Council resolution 577, adopted unanimously on 6 December 1985, after reaffirming Resolution 571 (1985), the Council endorsed a report by the Security Council Commission of Investigation, condemning the regime in South Africa for its continued and unprovoked attacks against the People's Republic of Angola through the occupied territory of South West Africa. The resolution demanded South Africa withdraw its troops from Angolan territory and to respect the sovereignty of Angola. The Council reaffirmed the right of Angola to claim compensation for the attacks due to the loss of life and damage to property. It also, once again, urgently requested Member States and international organisations assist in the reconstruction of economic infrastructure in Angola.

Finally, the Council required the Secretary-General to submit a report on the implementation of the current resolution no later than 30 June 1986.

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