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UN Security Council
Resolution 240
Date October 25 1967
Meeting no. 1371
Code S/RES/240 (Document)
Subject The situation in the Middle East
Voting summary
15 voted for
None voted against
None abstained
Result Adopted
Security Council composition
Permanent members
  •  China (ROC)
  •  France
  •  United Kingdom
  •  United States
  •  Soviet Union
Non-permanent members
  •  Argentina
  •  Brazil
  •  Bulgaria
  •  Canada
  •  Denmark
  •  Ethiopia
  •  India
  •  Japan
  •  Mali
  •  Nigeria

United Nations Security Council Resolution 240, adopted on October 25, 1967, condemned the violations of the cease-fire worked out in past resolutions (primarily United Nations Security Council Resolution 234) and expressed its regrets at the casualties and loss of property that resulted from the violations. The Council reaffirmed the necessity of the strict observance of the cease-fire resolutions and demanded that the member states concerned cease immediately all prohibited military activities in the area and co-operate fully and promptly with the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization. The meeting, requested by Israel, Syria and the United Arab Republic to contest various allegations, adopted the resolution unanimously.[1]

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