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Udgir Fort
Latur district, Maharashtra, India
Udgir Fort.jpg
Coordinates Latitude: 18.402821
Longitude: 77.117768
India Government of India
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Udgir Fort in the Udgir city in Latur district, Maharashtra of India is a fort built in pre-Bahamani age, dating from the twelfth century CE. It is also famous for the historic battle in which Marathas, led by Sadashivrao Bhau, defeated Nizam, and after which the treaty of Udgir was signed.

There are many old military observation points, and rest houses scattered over the surrounding hills, all built from an unusual white clay. However, all have long since fallen into ruin. Udgir Fort may also have a deep underground tunnel connecting it with Bhalki and Bider forts.

The fort is bounded by a 40 feet deep trench, and contains several palaces, as well as the Samadhi of Udaygir Maharaj, which is 60 feet under the normal ground level. It was named after the Hindu Saint Udaygiri Rishi. It has some rare inscriptions written in Arabic and Persian which testify to the promotion of knowledge and culture by the local Muslim rulers over the centuries.


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