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{{Infobox ship |Ship image=USS Knox (APA-46) departing from Lingayen Gulf, Philippines, on 9 January 1945 (80-G-320657).jpg |Ship caption=

|module= Career (U.S.) Name: USS Knox (APA-91)
(MC Hull No. 430)Builder: Ingalls ShipbuildingReclassified: AP-91 to APA-46, 1 February 1943 |module2=Launched: 17 July 1943Sponsored by: Mrs. R. K. FordeAcquired: 30 September 1943Commissioned: 30 September 1943 (ferry)Decommissioned: 14 October 1943Refit: Conversion by Bethlehem Steel |module3=Commissioned: 4 March 1944 (full)Decommissioned: 14 March 1946Struck: 1 May 1946Honors and
awards: 5 battle stars, World War IIFate: Sold for commercial service, 1947
Scrapped, June 1971 |module4= General characteristics Class & type: Bayfield-class attack transport
(Type C3-S-A2)Displacement: 8,100 tons, 16,100 tons fully loadedLength: 492 ft (150 m)Beam: 69 ft 6 in (21.18 m)Draft: 26 ft 6 in (8.08 m)Propulsion: Westinghouse geared turbine, 2 x Foster Wheeler D-type boilers, single propeller, designed shaft horsepower 8,500Speed: 18 knotsBoats & landing
craft carried: 17 x LCVP
2 x LCM (Mk-6).Capacity: 4,700 tons (175,000 cu. ft).Complement: Crew: 51 officers, 524 enlisted
Flag: 43 officers, 108 enlisted.
Troops: 80 officers, 1,146 enlistedArmament: 2 × single 5 inch/38 cal. dual purpose gun mounts, one fore and one aft
2 × twin 40mm AA gun mounts
2 × single 40mm AA gun mounts.
18 × single 20mm AA gun mounts.} |}

USS Knox (APA-46) was a Bayfield-class attack transport that served with the US Navy during World War II. She was named for counties in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas.

The vessel was laid down by Ingalls Shipbuilding under a Maritime Commission contract, and launched 17 July 1943. She was fitted out as an attack transport at Bethlehem Steel in Brooklyn, New York and commissioned as USS Knox (APA-46) on 4 March 1944. Knox served in the Pacific Theater of Operations and received five battle stars for wartime operations.

On 14 March 1946 Knox was decommissioned, struck from the Navy Vessel Register on 1 May, and returned to the Maritime Commission for disposal on 14 May.

In 1947 Knox was sold to Isthmian Lines and renamed Steel Recorder. She was later sold on to States Marine Lines and named Constitution State. She was scrapped in Taiwan in 1971.


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