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The USS Forrestal (CVA-59) is a aircraft carrier leader of the Forrestal Class Aircraft Carrier built by the U.S Navy in October 1 of 1955 and was descomissioned in September 11 of 1993.


USS Forrestal in the Suez Channel

She displaced 80,000 tons at full load. It was a real giant warship floating airport . Its total length was 326 meters and its width was 76 meters.

The range of flight, this is the area of the airfield had 75,000 meters square. He had four steam catapults. Its capacity was 90 planes. overlaid with three hangars and 19 floors, or levels.


The crew of the Forrestal crew was composed of 3019, excluding the crew of the aircraft, which could easily reach five thousand men. Their average population was 5499 people when in normal use.


Its structure weighing 52,500 tons of stainless steel. The solder used in electrical construction has consumed 1,000 tons of electrodes of stainless steel. Had four lifts were served daily and around 10,500 meals. Your internal telephone exchange, they had 2300 branches, the daily consumption of fresh water, was around 750,000 liters, like a small town.

Steering systems, anchor and drift

Helms steering the ship weighed 45 tons each, were three in total. His four propeller blades had five each had seven meters diameter, Weighing around 20 tons. The anchor of the vessel was divided in half, weighing thirty tons each. The drive system comprised four geared turbines were driven by steam generated by eight boilers, which developed 250 000 HP, Which would be replaced by nuclear reactors in the early sixties.

Cruise control

The warship reached cruising speed of 30 knots per hour (nearly 60 km per hour), was so stable that no motion was perceived when the sea was calm. The only drawback is the constant wind which at times can bring down a man.

The Forrestal and the 1964 coup in Brazil

In 1964 The U.S. government supported the 1964 military coup at Brazil. To do so, sent the USS Forrestal (and some destroyers) for the Brazilian coast.

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