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Type 904 general stores issue ship with NATO reporting name Dayun (大运) class and its successor Type 904A are second generation general stores issue ships currently in service with the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN). A total of three units were built and in service as of mid 2014, two Type 904 ships, and one Type 904A.

Built by Qiuxin (求新) Shipyard of Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai, Type 904 (and its successor Type 904A) are frequently but erroneously referred by many as underway replenishment ships. However, this is incorrect because these ships are designed as general stores issue ships, and they lack the gentries and transfer stations, and thus are not capable of performing any underway replenishment duties. Type 904 and Type 904A are equipped with four davits each housing a small boat, with two on each side, and these boats are the primary means of transfer supplies. Type 904 and Type 904A are intended to supply garrisons on offshore islands without any port facilities. Helicopter can be carried, but it platform only, without any hangars, and helicopter is the secondary mean of transferring supplies. After two Type 904 were completed, production was transferred to an improved version designated as Type 904A that is more than 50% larger in terms of displacement (up to 15000 tons), but armament was reduced by half.[1] Specification (for Type 904):[2]

  • Full displacement (t): 10975
  • Length (m): 156.2
  • Width (m): 20.6
  • Draft (m): 6.8
  • Propulsion: 2 diesel engines @ 9000 hp
  • Speed (kt): 22
  • Crew: 240
  • Aramament: 4 twin 37 mm guns and 4 twiin 25 mm guns
 Type   Pennant #   Name   Builder   Commissioned   Status   Fleet 
904 883 Yangcheng Lake Jiangnan Shipyard Mar 1992 Active South Sea Fleet
904 884 Jingpo Lake Jiangnan Shipyard Aug 1992 Active South Sea Fleet
904A 888 Fuxian Lake 2007 Active South Sea Fleet


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