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Type 89
50th anniversary of PRC 3.jpg
PTZ-89 tank destroyers in 1999
Type Tank destroyer
Place of origin China
Service history
In service 1989 - 2015
Production history
Designed 1982
Manufacturer Norinco
Produced 1989-1995
Number built 100
Weight 31 tons[1]
Length 5.6m
Width 2.8m
Height 3.12m
Crew 4[1]

Armor 50 mm
120 mm gun
12.7mm HMG, 7.62mm MG[1]
Engine WR4B-12V150LB diesel
520 hp[2]
Power/weight 16 hp/t
Suspension torsion bar
450 km[1]
Speed 55 km/h[1]

The Type 89 (designated as ‘’’PTZ-89’’’) tracked tank destroyer was a Chinese armored vehicle developed by Norinco for People’s Liberation Army. The vehicle is developed in 1980s and entered service in 1988.


Armed with a 120 millimeter smoothbore gun, it was intended to combat newer generations of Western and Russian main battle tanks that were equipped with composite armor and 120 and 125 millimeter caliber guns. Despite a successful development process, with the end of the Cold War it became apparent that the weapon was no longer needed.[3] Production was halted in 1995 after around 100 examples had been built.[3] It had several shortcomings, including thin armor, high maintenance costs, and an unstabilized gun that could not fire on the move and had a relatively short range. It was phased out in favor of anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs). An official retirement ceremony was held by the 39th Army Group on 3 November 2015.[4][5]


People's Liberation Army Ground Force (no longer in service)

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