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The Type 85/YW 306 (Type 85 twin 23 mm AAA, 85式23毫米双管高射炮) is a 23 mm artillery gun used by the People's Liberation Army of China. It is a copied version of the Soviet ZU-23-2.


Self-propelled antiaircraft artillery (AAA) developed from Type 85 AAA. This is a Type 85 AAA installed in an enclosed turret mounted on a Type 90 APC. Only a limited number entered service.


Shengong (Deity's Bow, 神弓) Air Defense System (SG ADS) is a modernized Type 85 twin 23 mm AAA system, first revealed to Chinese public in 2005. This is an integrated air defense system consisted of 8 towed Type 85 twin 23 mm AAA, and a command vehicle. The command vehicle is based on Iron Horse (Tiema 铁马) truck, and houses a more complicated electro-optical fire control system that includes IR, laser & TV subsystem, and a weapon system operator who handles these equipment, while each of the towed guns are also controlled locally by an optical sight. With water-cooled barrels, the actual rate of fire exceeds 800 round per minute per barrel, but the standard system is usually consisted of air-cooled barrels for weight reduction, resulting in decreased rate of fire. Two types of ammo are standard and both have the same weight: 0.45 kg, other types of ammo are also available upon customer's request. Each command vehicle can command an AAA company consisted of 8 guns, but each individual gun can also fight independently.


  • Propulsion: towed
  • Maximum length: 2.555 meter
  • Maximum weight: 950 kg (with air-cooled barrel)
  • Maximum effective range: 2.5 km
  • Maximum effective altitude: 1.5 km
  • Maximum actual rate of fire: 800 rd/min/barrel (with water-cooled barrel)
  • Maximum target speed: Slightly higher than Mach 1
  • Ammo: WBO-44P incendiary tracer round & WB-148P armor-piercing incendiary tracer round
  • Local fire control: WPO-12 aiming sight
  • Command & control: separate C2 vehicle with electro-optical FCS
  • Kill probability: > 95% when target speed is ≤ 250 m/s.


Type 85 twin 23 mm AAA

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