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Type 636 and its successor Type 636A hydrographic survey ships are Chinese survey vessels currently in service with the People's Liberation Army Navy and Chinese Coast Guard.

Type 636

Type 636 hydrographic survey ship and its successor Type 636A are both designed by of the 708th Institute of China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC), which is also more commonly known as China Shipbuilding and Oceanic Engineering Design Academy (中国船舶及海洋工程设计研究) nowadays. Special attention was given to vibration reduction measures and the internal noise generated by the ship itself was much lower than other ships of similar size. The ship was built by Wuhu Shipyard and entered service in August 1998. On November 16, 2011, it was transferred to Chinese Coast Guard. Specification:[1]

  • Length (m): 129.82
  • Beam (m): 17
  • Depth (m): 8.1
  • Cruise speed (kt): 15
  • Top speed (kt): 18
  • Endurance (day): 60
  • Range (nm): 15000
  • Displacement (t): 5872
  • Max wind scale resistance: 12

Type 636A

Type 636A is the successor of earlier Type 636. Construction of the first ship of Type 636A begun at Wuhu Shipyard in May 2003 and there ar more than two dozen surveying systems installed onboard. Originally named as Ocean (Haiyang, 海洋) 20, but subsequently changed to Zhu Kezhen. The second ship of Type 636A was originally named as Ocean (Haiyang, 海洋) 22, but subsequently changed to Qian Sanqiang.[2] Specification:[3]*

  • Length (m): 129.28
  • Beam (m): 17
  • Depth (m): 8.1
  • Cruise speed (kt): 15
  • Top speed (kt): 17.5
  • Endurance (day): 60
  • Range (nm): 15000 @ 15 kt
  • Displacement (t): 5883
  • Crew: 134


Type 636 and 636A ships are named as contemporary Chinese scientists.

 Type   Pennant #   Name   Builder   Laid down   Commissioned   Status 
636 871 Li Siguang Wuhu Shipyard Oct 1998 Active
636A 872 Zhu Kezhen Wuhu Shipyard May 2003 Active
636A Qian Sanqiang Active


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